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Kitchen appliances in high quality in Hungary!

Brand new and tested, working products.

The stock is from Austria, the products have EU plugs, they can be purchased online here or in our Hungarian warehouse (8630 Balatonboglár).

List of content can be found in the downloadable excel file.

If you have any questions or need more information please feel free to contact us.

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In stoc 23 buc
Prezentare produs 1 palet
Comanda minima 23 buc
pretul total de raft 1.304,00 EUR
Pretul total returnmarket 391,00 EUR +TVA
pret raft/pret returnmarket 29.98 %-a
pret returnmarket 17,00 EUR +TVA /buc
In stoc Hungary
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Informatii produs

Description Qty Unit price Total price
Multi oven 1 9.09 9.09
Ash vacuum cleaner 4 15.46 61.84
Mini oven 4 11.82 47.28
Coffee maker 2 9.09 18.18
Deep fat fryer 1 9.09 9.09
Hair clipper 2 3.64 7.28
Electric cutter 2 6.15 12.3
Smoothie maker 1 17.27 17.27
Dehumidifier 4 50.01 200.04
SRD230BGN radio 2 4.35 8.7
  23   391.07
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