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MIX PALLETS! BB0412Foglalás lezárva.

88 %
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MIX pallets in Hungary!

Untested, "raw" customer returns with EU plugs.

We have 3-4 pallets on stock.
There are minimum 80-100 pieces on a pallet. Detailed product list is not available.

The stock can be purchased & collected in our Hungarian warehouse (8630 Balatonboglár).

Our price doesn't contain VAT but our customers who have community VAT number can be served without VAT.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Informacion de ventas

inventario completo 80 unid
Formulación del producto 1 paleta
minimálisan rendelhető tétel 80 unid
existencia total del precio de venta 1.660,00 EUR
teljes készlet returnmarket ára 199,00 EUR +IVA
jelenleg a fogy. ár a returnmarket ár 11.99 %-a
precio de returnmarket 2,49 EUR +IVA /unid
raktározva Hungary
La reserva cerrada.
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