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1 PALLET OF GARDEN POWER TOOLS! BB0348Foglalás lezárva.

81 %
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Garden power tools from England!

The stock can be collected in our Hungarian warehouse (8630 Balatonboglár).

Quality: untested customer returns.

Please note these items are all raw customer returns that have NOT been checked or tested for faults.

Untested Returns
All “Untested Returns” sold by us are sold on the condition that the merchandise will either be repaired, reworked or recycled by the purchaser to allow future resale to an end user, or alternatively will be resold as second hand in the same condition that it is purchased from us. This product is sold on the understanding that it will not be resold as ‘new’ and that any electrical products will be tested by a qualified electrician before resale.
The parcel cannot be split.
In the attached list you can find the list of content. The photos are for illustration only.
Our price does not contain the VAT but the customers who have international VAT number can be served without VAT!
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Informacion de ventas

inventario completo 22 unid
Formulación del producto 1 paleta
minimálisan rendelhető tétel 22 unid
existencia total del precio de venta 1.355,00 EUR
teljes készlet returnmarket ára 264,00 EUR +IVA
jelenleg a fogy. ár a returnmarket ár 19.48 %-a
precio de returnmarket 12,00 EUR +IVA /unid
raktározva Hungary
La reserva cerrada.

Información sobre el producto

Pal.code Description Qty Unit price Total price
9308201 1452138 QUALCAST 18V HEDGE TRIMMER 4 10 40
9308201 3278767 RYOBI 650W HEDGE TRIMMER 1 21.12 21.12
9308201 4508096 QUALCAST ELECTRIC CYLINDER MOWER 1 22.23 22.23
9308201 4759223 QUALCAST 24V CORDLESS LAWNMOWER 1 35.57 35.57
9308201 5991963 CHALLENGE 1100W HOVER COLLECT MOWER 4 10 40
9308201 6088617 CHALLENGE 1800W ELECTRIC CHAINSAW 2 16.67 33.34
9308201 6099761 CHALLENGE 400W HEDGE TRIMMER 2 5.78 11.56
9308201 6128546 WORX WG119E 550W 30CM GRASS TRIMMER 1 13.34 13.34
9308201 6174686 CHALLENGE 250W GRASS TRIMMER 4 4 16
9308201 6318040 RYOBI RLT5027 500W 27CM CORDED GRA TRIMM 1 11.11 11.11
9308201 6344320 RYOBI RLT1825M13 18V CORDLESS GRASS TRIM 1 20.01 20.01
      22   264.28
Imagenes adicionales para este articulo
1503403951_challenge_corded_hedge_trimmer_400w.jpg 1503403951_challenge_corded_hover_collect_mower_1100w.jpg 1503403951_challenge_grass_trimmer_250w.jpg 1503403951_qualcast_24v_cordless_lawnmower.jpg
1503403951_qualcast_corded_electric_cylinder_mower.jpg 1503403952_qualcast_cordless_hedge_trimmer_18v.jpg 1503403952_ryobi_rht6560rl_corded_hedge_trimmer_650w.jpg 1503403952_ryobi_rlt1825m13_cordless_grass_trimmer_18v.jpg
1503403952_ryobi_rlt5027_corded_grass_trimmer_500w.jpg 1503403952_worx_wg119e_corded_30cm_electric_grass_trimmer_550w.jpg

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