Quality guarantee

Only carefully checked customers and contracted suppliers can join our system.

We are keeping in touch personally with our suppliers, and we are making efforts to satisfy our retail seller, wholesale partners and customers' needs as effectively as possible. We are categorizing and carefully grading the stocks we are selling in our system.

Our best quality goods are the clearence, price declined, new, packaging damaged and liquidation stocks. Usually we are selling these stocks palletised, with warranty to our contracted partners.

Our most popular and best selling goods are the untested customer returns coming directly from the largest general-goods retailers warehouses. Our customers usually buying truck loads of these products at 10-20% of the consumer prices.

Our system records and anylizes our customers habit patterns and opinions, to help us provide an effective and flexible customer relationship management.

Our customer’s success is our goal. And we are proud say: Who tries our commodity usually comes back for another load of it. Our constant customers profits and savings are the proof of our systems success.

We are able to clone our system and tune it to exact market needs of a region. Our contracted sellers are getting a professional marketing system with the website as well. You can find detailes in “How can you be our partner?”


We are looking for new wholesale dealers in Ukraine, Belgium, Spain and France to work with by common assent and to plead us at the local markets. If you are interested please feel free to contact us.