International commodity

Pallet goods realized by us – arrive by trucks from the larger warehouses of the European Union. Most of our commodities consist of the used, new looking, incomplete, damages related to packaging, pallet goods returned to multi networks by customers (within maximum three months).

Our portfolio includes also surplus stocks sourced from bank seizures and bankruptcies, as well as factory damaged, repaired by the manufacturer, electric, brand new goods, pallet electric, household kitchen equipment, toys, pallet multimedia, telephones and mobile phones, computer studies, fitness machines, do-it-yourself kits and tools, bathroom equipment and one of the most popular categories are the kitchen appliances the so called white goods (refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, freezers, ovens and fryers, electric hotplates etc.) Used and new shoes, clothes, chemical goods, cosmetics, watches and souvenir, jewellery, food and mixed pallet stocks.

Our suppliers are reliable, checked contract partners with several or more years professional experiences, reference and high index of customer satisfaction.

Product categories:

A+ Category: Mostly surplus stocks or goods sourced from bank seizures and bankruptcies. Brand new goods under manufacturers’ warranty. On the packaging of the pallet goods slight signs of shipping, rubbing scratching might be seen. However the product is hurtles and original.

A- Category: Goods returned by customers because of problems usually related to colour or size. Also surplus stocks or goods sourced from bank seizures. Products belonging to his category are returned by customers as new ones. Stocks belonging to category A meet all the requirements supplied with manufacturers’ full supplements. The packaging might be slightly damaged, although 95% of these stocks arrive in original packaging and approximately 5% have already been opened once or might have been exhibited in a store house. However these products usually do not have warranty, they are tested and work perfectly.

B+ Category: The customer returns the product as a classified one. The sign of minimal use might be seen on the package. The package might have been opened once without putting back the manual for instance. 80-90 % of these perfect, tested products arrive in original packaging. There is no warranty on this category.

B- Category: The customer returns the product in operable condition, although without some slight accessories. The sign of minimal use, as well as minimal damages related to aesthetics might be seen, but according to our experiments for about 60% of these supplies is unscratched. Stocks of B- Category might be renewed, repaired goods or might have been exhibited in a store house. According to statistics 96 of 100 products works perfectly, nearly unscratched or with slight aesthetic problems.

C Category: Although this category includes untested goods, it is one of the most popular one because of the especially favourable price. These products are usually returned to the warehouses of multi networks with indication “damaged” but they are not tested neither in the shops nor in the warehouses of suppliers. Some accessories might be incomplete, the packaging as well as the products might be damaged or waste too. In case of a truck appr. 70% is returned within 30 days with money guarantee. Averagely 50% of the entire stock consists of operable items, 35% needs some reparation, 10% might be incomplete or needs some cleaning and 5% might be waste or component. The quantity of the products in this category may have +/- 3% differences between the detailed list and the real stock.

D Category: It includes only unserviceable products, returned by customers. There is neither guarantee nor warranty.

E Category: Stock especially suitable for components. They might include broken, incomplete goods which can be used as components. There is neither guarantee nor warranty.

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