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Terms and conditions of buying

By accepting the conditions of purchase and the terms of payment you declare that you make your bid and express your intention to reserve the offered product in the awareness of your responsibility and admit the fact that you agree with the well known terms and conditions. By accepting these conditions of purchase followed by bidding and reserving the Vendor (Verseczki Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft., 1054 Budapest, Honvéd utca 8., 1.em. 2.; Cg.: 01-09-968265) and the Purchaser (Registered user) are entering into a contract.
Both parties, the Vendor and the Purchaser are obliged to observe all the rules and meet all the requirements included by the contract

1.      Vendor declares that stocks offered by him/her are coming from a checked, reliable source of his/her contractual suppliers. He/she guarantees that the offered and biddable stocks have authentic, valid, true information about the product, with detailed description and list. Offers can never be made subject to interim selling, market conditions or fluctuations. The stock and the composition of goods may be altered subsequent to the offer and the display on the website. We reserve the right to change in all cases! After reservation or the winner auction Vendor’s staff will request Purchaser for reconfirmation of his/her purchase intention within 60 minutes during working hours (from Monday to Friday 07:30-16:30) after working hours within 24 hours. Following this process the merchandized product will be displayed as „sold” by the system sending you the pro forma invoice (note of payment) completed with the cost of transport. In the event that the Vendor’s staff cannot contact the Purchaser, Vendor reserves the right to inactivate the Purchaser’s user status and re-offer the product or merchandize it at the second highest price.
2.      Purchaser accepts and acknowledges that following the arrival of the pro forma invoice  (note of payment) to his/her email address he/she is obliged to settle the invoice by wire or in cash within 24 hours. Purchaser accepts and acknowledges also that the prices are on are net prices and does not contain the 27% VAT.
3.      Vendor undertakes that he/she conveys the Purchaser the paid stock according to the quantity and quality included by the manual and list belonging to the stock bought by the Purchaser on his/her site located in Balatonboglár in case of any other agreement at the Purchaser shipping address after the payment has been made by the Purchaser within maximum 7 weekdays.
4.      Vendor declares that stocks merchandized by him/her are classified into categories indicated on the description of the product in each case.

Product categories:
A+       Category: Mostly surplus stocks or goods sourced from bank seizures and bankruptcies. Brand new goods under manufacturers’ warranty. On the packaging of the pallet goods slight signs of shipping, rubbing scratching might be seen. However the product is hurtles and original.
A-        Category: Goods returned by customers because of problems usually related to colour or size. Also surplus stocks or goods sourced from bank seizures. Products belonging to his category are returned by customers as new ones. Stocks belonging to category A meet all the requirements supplied with manufacturers’ full supplements. The packaging might be slightly damaged although 95% of these stocks arrive in original packaging and approximately 5% have already been opened once or might have been exhibited in a store house. However these products usually do not have warranty they are tested and work perfectly.
B+        Category: The customer returns the product as a classified one. The sign of minimal use might be seen on the package. The package might have been opened once without putting back the manual for instance. 80-90 % of these perfect, tested products arrive in original packaging. There is no warranty on this category.
B-        Category: The customer returns the product in operable condition, although without some slight accessories. The sign of minimal use, as well asminimaldamages related to aesthetics might be seen, but according to our experiments for about 60% of these supplies is unscratched. Stocks of B- Category might be renewed, repaired goods or might have been exhibited in a store house. According to statistics 96 of 100 products works perfectly, nearly unscratched or with slight aesthetic problems.
C          Category: Although this category includes untested goods, it is one of the most popular one because of the especially favourable price. These products are usually returned to the warehouses of multi networks with indication “damaged” but they are not tested neither in the shops nor in the warehouses of suppliers. Some accessories might be incomplete, the packaging as well as the products might be damaged or waste too. In case of a truck appr. 70% is returned within 30 days with money guarantee. Averagely 50% of the entire stock consists of operable items, 35% needs some reparation, 10% might be incomplete or needs some cleaning and 5% might be waste or component. The quantity of the products in this category may have +/- 3% differences between the detailed list and the real stock.
D         Category: It includes only unserviceable products, returned by customers. There is neither guarantee nor warranty.
E          Category: stock especially suitable for components. They might include broken, incomplete goods which can be used as components. There is neither guarantee nor warranty.
5.      The untested goods sold by Vendor have been merchandised under the next conditions: Customer repairs, remakes, utilizes or recycles the products in order to make the final user able to resell them or as another possibility: they forward them as used second hand products under similar circumstances as Verseczki Kft.  (Vendor) had merchandised it.
6.      The above-mentioned products mustn’t be sold as „new” ones.
7.      Vendor declares that in case of purchasing A+, A-, B+, B- stocks following the arrival of the goods a warehouse will be ensured to the Customer in the territory of his site in Balatonboglár and provides him/her with a possibility to check, try and test each item of the bought stock . After these, Vendor does not take any responsibility, does not accept any reclamation and does not give any guarantee for undiscovered, hidden errors, damages might come to the surface later. (Except for Category A+).
8.      Vendor provides Customer with a warehouse maximum for 5 days in his/her warehouse located in Balatonboglár. After 5 days Customer is obliged to pay penalty 2 Euro/pallet to Vendor.

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