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Questions about VAT
Do I have to pay the VAT?

Our firm is obliged to pay VAT only on the difference between the purchase and the sale pricetherefore we can sell our stocks at net prices in the EU. Many of our customers can re-sell the goods bought from us at net prices too. Accordingly, they are obliged to pay VAT only on the difference between the purchase and the sale price. In this regard, we provide all of our newly registered customers with detailed information and advice.
The exceptions are the products with the manufacturers warranty, for these products you have to pay the VAT.
If you’re planning a long-term buisness relationship with Ltd,  you should consult with you book keeper about selling goods in net prices.
General questions
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Questions about the webpage
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Questions about payment
I want to buy from you. What are the possibilties of paying?
Accoding to the „Terms and conditions of purchasing” you have to settle the invoice in
24 hours. As the truckload offers are usually having a deadline, we suggest to pay it by wire or with Western Union.
Is it possible to pay in cash?
Yes. Please note that the best is to bring the money in the bought items currency. We would be happy to have you for a coffe or tea at our office (You can find our address in „Contact”).
Do you have a bank terminal at your office? Is it possible to pay with my card?
Right now this is not possible, but we’re working on it…
Is it possible to pay after the ordered item arrives, or to do the payment in parts?
No. You always have to prepay the 100% of the ordered item.
Questions about reserving an item
How can i reserve a product?
It’s simple. After we confirmed your registration you’re able to reserve an item by clickin on the green RESERVE button and checking the box „I agree the terms and conditions of purchasing. „
What happens after the reservation?
Our colleauge will contact you on telephone to confirm your reservation, and to set the details of the payment and the collection.
Can I cancel my reservation?
No. If you reserved an item, you have agreed the terms and conditions of purchasing it, so you have to buy it. „Purchaser accepts and acknowledges that following the arrival of the pro forma invoice to his/her email address he/she is obliged to settle the invoice by wire or in cash within 24 hours.”
Questions about the auctions
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Questions about storage
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Questions about the registration
I want to purcahse an item, how can i register?
1, Click on „I want to be a customer!”
2, Fill out the form and click OK.
3, The sytem will send a confirmation e-mail to you. Please check your mailbox, and confirm your registration by clicking on the link.
4, Thank you! You have nothing more to do. Our colleuge will check the data you given. You will get a call from our personell when your account is activated.
Is the registration free, and do i obligated to buy anything if i register?
The registration is free, and does not obligate you to buy anything.
I cannot provide company details. Is it possible for me to register?
Yes, but we have to arrange a meeting to check your id/passport, and vat card in person.
Please contact us!
I have questions about  the registration, who shall i contact for help?
You can find our contact details on the website. Do not hesitate to call us!
Questions about shipping
Can you help me in shipping the goods i bought  internationally?
Yes. Our constant partner in logistics is LKW-Walter. Thanks to our long-term business co-operation they providing the best prices and an trouble-free transportation for our custumers with cmr and value insurance. The arrival of the goods is 2-4 days counted from the loading date.
Questions about the item categories
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Questions abot hte products
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